“I Just Experienced One Of The

Most Delightful And Entertaining Evenings

I Have Had In Many A Moon.”

Sandy Hackett with Kreskin

           Kreskin With Sandy Hackett (Producer of The Rat Pack Show)

It was at the Count Basie Theatre here in Red Bank, NJ.  A packed audience was enthralled with Sandy Hackett’s Rat Pack Show. To see remarkable impersonations of Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr, Dean Martin along with Sandy Hackett playing Joey Bishop awakened so many precious memories of these show business giants in the audience including Yours Truly. And then to have Lisa Dawn Miller appear out of the darkness as Sinatra’s potential lover singing a song of love was a remarkable piece of melodrama.

Yours Truly was particularly over taken by Sandy Hackett’s impersonation of Joey Bishop. He was a man whom I came to know during the years of his nighttime television series to the point that he made me a frequent recurring guest on his show.

Believe me when I say this… You will find Sandy Hackett’s Rat Pack Show an “unforgettable experience.”

   Rat pack and Kreskin
     Frank Sinatra (Danny Grewen)  Joey Bishop (Sandy Hackett)  Frank’s One Love (Lisa Dawn Miller ) 
      The Amazing Kreskin (Kreskin)  Sammy Davis, Jr. (Louie Velez) Dean Martin (Tony Wallek)
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